Lobbying for Better Services & Resolving Issues on Estates

The Network regards anti-social behaviour and maintenance of public spaces in estates as key areas for attention. Many other issues may also require intervention. The Council currently has no Tenant Liaison Officer, but the Network is now liaising directly with Sinéad Flynn in the Housing Dept. to deal with problems brought to our attention.

Anti-social behaviour can sometimes be a major problem, whether it be vandalism, dumping of rubbish, or intimidation of other residents. The Network has been able to resolve many such issues by direct intervention, mediation, or by liaising with the Council.

Some estates have extensive grounds and a lot of grass! Naomh Padraig and Dristernan in Drumshanbo are good examples. The Network was instrumental in the setting up of a number of Community Employment schemes round the county to maintain the grounds in some of the estates, including Drumshanbo. These are funded and managed by Leitrim Development Company. However, estates are required to have public liability insurance, and to cover petrol costs for the workers’ mowers and strimmers, so need to be in receipt of a council grant.

There may also be structural issues with houses and problems with damp and mould. Some estates were built on wet meadows or even flood plains, so poor drainage is likely in gardens if no drainage works were undertaken, and there might be a risk of flooding!

If residents are aware of a problem on their estate which needs attention please let us know, through your residents’ association or by contacting us directly.